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about Haylee Thikeo. 

I was brought into his world by chance when two newly arrived refugees from a northern and southern part of Laos found each other in a laundromat in Stockton, California. They fell in love, decided to marry one another, and raised me in Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up around community members of the Southeast Asian diaspora, often hearing from my elders the harrowing tales on surviving war and life in the refugee camp. I witnessed at a young age the power in sharing one's story and the healing that storytelling brings when a painful experience or act of resilience is heard and honored. Overtime, the curiosity about a person’s life story stretched beyond my community. I wanted to know everything there is to know about the human experience.

I have been fortunate to travel often for my career. In that privilege, I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life either at the office, waiting for my flight in the airport or sitting in the seat next to me on the train. Some of the most valuable life lessons were from conversations with my taxi, Uber, or Lyft drivers.


My craft as a storyteller is heavily influenced by my experience having lived in the Greater Boston Area and the San Francisco Bay Area. During my time in Oakland specifically, I was mentored by and had a chance to collaborate with some of the most amazing activists, artists, healers, and creatives. 

I am thankful for all my experiences and lessons learned throughout my career as a marketer, creative entrepreneur and storytelling coach.



  • Fall 2011 B.A. Communication Studies, Media Studies from the College of Arts Media & Design at Northeastern University 

  • Spring 2022 MSW candidate at Boston University School of Social Work  


  • Spring 2017 Co-founder of TalkStory Oakland

    • The ONLY monthly, Asian American storytelling open mic series in the East Bay.

  • Spring 2019 Co-founder & co-producer of Don't Say Sorry Podcast

    • An internet radio show that explores sex, love, intimacy and healing. 

​training & certifications.

Workshops & Speaking 

  • Summer 2020 Womxn of Color Summit 

    •  Unlock The Story of you. 

      • As womxn of color, we have so many great stories to share but we are unsure of where or how to begin. In this workshop, learn the secrets to unlocking the story of you with Life Story Coach, Haylee Thikeo.

  • Summer 2018 with The Cosmos Community - SF 

    •  (Re)Defining Self-Love and Self-Care​  -  Co-facilitated with Lauren Ito

      • What does it look like to love yourself in a world that stresses both our physical and emotional beings? How do we equip ourselves with tools to break free from the chains of unworthiness and shame to embrace the power of our individual identities? This workshop will share the frameworks available to start your journey in redefining self-love. We will then build upon these frameworks in a guided writing workshop to map a foundation of goals and intentions to support your vision. Pause, step away from your everyday routines, and join us in creating your self-love roadmap. Come prepared to learn, let go of expectations, and write—all in a safe space with community. 

  • Summer 2018 with API Legal Outreach's API-ACT youth program

    • Meditation and Healing through storytelling for Youth of Color 

      • ​In a world that requires so much from us, when do we dedicate the time to reflect on our lived experiences and heal from our wounds? In this guided writing workshop, you will reflect on your journey, identify self-care best practices and map a foundation of intentions to support your healing.

  • Spring 2015 at ECAASU at Harvard: New Asian American

    • “Establish Your Digital Footprint - Using your online identity to dispel contemporary stereotypes of Asian Americans”  

      • ​Mainstream media is constantly providing a certain narrative about Asian Americans. By using the power of digital media, Asian Americans can finally create their own narrative about who they are and who they want to become. This workshop will discuss how to use social media and content marketing to establish one's digital identity and influence.

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